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Shenzhen Kang de Wei Electronics Co Ltd was established in 2003 is a professional engaged in R D production and sales SMT various automatic SMT models without stopping the machine continued material Splice tape SMT Splice Tape SMT Double Splice Tape ESD splice tape AI Splice Tape SMT Splice Tools SMT Splice Clip then materialscar ordinary type and stapler Splice tool SMT Splice Cart flat and V shaped serrated scissors monolithic splice clip platoon splice clip leader tape then expected AI tape kapton tape SMT Stencil Clean Rolls tencil clean roll M 3 air laid paper clean cloth Static Control Products metal stamping products and precision die cut products domestic well known manufacturers...

Categories and Products

SMT Splice Tape

SMT Single Splice Tape

Economic SMT Single Splice Tape 8mm Economic SMT Single Splice Tape 12mm Economic SMT Single Splice Tape 16mm Economic SMT Single Splice Tape 24mm SMT Single Splice Tape 32mm Economic SMT Single Splice Tape 32mm SMT Single Splice Tape 44mm SMT Single Splice Tape 56mm SMT Single Splice Tape 8mm SMT Single Splice Tape 12mm SMT Single Splice Tape 16mm SMT Single Splice Tape 24mm SMT Single Splice Tape with a Guide 8mm SMT Single Splice Tape with a Guide 12mm SMT Single Splice Tape with a Guide 16mm 24mm SMT Single Splice Tape with a Guide SMT Single Splice Tape with a Guide 24mm 

SMT Double Splice Tape

SMT Double Splice Tape 8mm SMT Double Splice Tape 12mm SMT Double Splice Tape 16mm SMT Double Splice Tape 24mm SMT Double Splice Tape with a guide 8mm 

ESD SMT Splice Tape

24mm SMT Special Splice Tape 

SMT Cover Tape Extender

ESD SMT Tape Extender Yellow SMT Cover Tape Joint SMT Tape Extender 16mm Size SMT Cover Tape Connector SMT Tape Extender 24mm SMT Carrier Tape Extender 24mm SMT Reel Tape Extender 32mm SMT Tape Extender 32mm 

SMT Special Splice Tape

8mm SMT Special Splice Tape 12mm SMT Special Splice Tape 16mm SMT Special Splice Tape 32mm SMT Special Splice Tape 44mm SMT Special Splice Tape SMT Special Splice Tape SMT Special Splice Tape 8mm. SMT Special Splice Tape 12mm. SMT Special Splice Tape 16mm. SMT Special Splice Tape 24mm. 

Panasonic SMT Splice Tape

SMT special splice tape 8mm SMT Special Splice Tape 12mm SMT Special Splice Tape 16mm SMT Special Splice Tape 24mm 

SMT FUJI Joint Tape

FUJI Joint Silver Tape 8mm FUJI Joint Silver Tape 12mm FUJI Joint Silver Tape 16mm FUJI Joint Silver Tape 24mm FUJI Joint Silver Tape 32mm 

AI Splice Tape

AI Splice Tape Kraft Paper

AI Three Hole Crepe Paper Splice Tape AI Three Hole Kraft Paper Splice Tape AI Five Hole Kraft Splice Tape AI Six Hole Splice Tape 

AI Splice Tape Crepe Paper

Auto Insertion One Strip Splice Tape AI Two Hole Splice Tape AI Five Hole Crepe Paper Splice Tape AI Six Hole Crepe Splice Tape 

SMT Splice Tools

SMT Splice Tool

TL-10 SMT Splice Tool TL-50 SMT Splice Tool TL-11 SMT Splice Tool TL-00 SMT Splice Tool SMT Splice Tool Cart SMT Splice Cart for splice tool 

SMT Splice Scissor

SMT Splice Cutter 8mm SMT Splice Cutter 12mm TL-60 SMT Splice Cutter 

SMT Splice Clip

SMT Splice Clip

SMT Brass Splice Clip Fuji NXT Splice Clip Safe and affordable frame splice clip 


SMT Tape Polyimide

High Temperature Kapton Tape 

Punching Tape

Adhesive Die Cut Tape 

SMT Clean Products

SMT Stencil Clean Paper Roll

DEK Lint Free Clean Rolls MPM Clean Paper Rolls ERKA Printer Non-Woven Clean Rolls Panasonic Clean Paper Rolls Yamaha Solder Paste Printer Clean Rolls Samsung Non-Woven Clean Rolls Minami Non-woven Clean Rolls GKG Non-Woven Clean Rolls DESEN Stencil Clean Rolls Dust-free clean rolls for Suneast 

SMT Feeder

Panasonic Feeder

Panasonic Component Tape Feeder KME CM402/602 Feeder 8mm with sensor KME CM402/602 Feeder 24mm with sensor KME NPM Tape Feeder 44mm Panasonic BM 8x4 SMT Feeder CM202 12x4 Component Feeder Unit 12x8 BM CM20F SMT Feeder Panasonic CM402 16x12 Component Feeder 72mm KME Feeder Unit with Sensor KME NPM Feeder 44mm KME CM20F Feeder 24 * 8 KME CM202 Feeder 24x12 CM88 8W*2P BM Feeder MSR 12mm Feeder Unit MVKT 12mm SMT Component Feeder MVQ 12MM Tape Feeder Panasonic BM Feeder 8 * 4 

FUJI Feeder

FUJI NXT/AIM/XPF Feeder 24C Fuji 12F Tape Feeder 2UDLFB001300 16F Fuji Feeder Fuji 08C XPF Feeder Unit 12C Fuji NXT Component Feeder Unit XPF Feeder 16C Feeder UF10200 32C Fuji NXT Feeder Unit Fuji NXT 44C Feeder Fuji NXT 56C Feeder UF11200 

Yamaha Feeder

KHJ-MC100-00A Yamaha SS Feeder 8mm Yamaha SS Tape Feeder 24mm YAMAHA SS Feeder 32mm YAMAHA SS Feeder 44mm YAMAHA SS Feeder 56mm YAMAHA SS Tape Feeder 72mm YAMAHA SS Tape Feeder 88mm YAMAHA SS Feeder 12mm YAMAHA SS Feeder 16mm 

Samsung Feeder

Samsung CP 12mm Tape Feeder 16mm CP Feeder from Samsung Samsung SM 8x2 Feeder Unit 8x4 Samsung SM Feeder Samsung SM Tape Feeder 12mm Samsung SM 16mm Tape Feeder 24mm Samsung SM Component Feeder 32mm SM Tape Feeder by Samsung Samsung SM 56mm SMT Feeder Unit SME 8mm Samsung Component Feeder Samsung SME 12mm Feeder Samsung SME 16mm Component Feeder Unit 

Ipulse Feeder

Ipulse Feeder F1 Type M1 Feeder Unit F1-84 I-pulse F2-12 Component Feeder Ipulse Feeder F2 Type 16mm I-pulse M2 Feeder Unit F2-24 F2-82 Feeder for I-pulse M6 Ipulse Feeder F2 8mm I-pulse Tape Feeder F2-84 Ipulse PS type Feeder 12mm M1 PS-16 Feeder Unit PS-24 I-pulse M6 Feeder I-pulse PS-32 Component Feeder PS-44 I-pulse SMT Feeder Unit Ipulse Feeder PS type 56mm Ipulse SMT Feeder PS 82 I-pulse M7 SMT Feeder PS-84 F3-8 I-pulse SMT Tape Feeder I-pulse F3-1216 Tape Feeder Unit 

Siemens Feeder

Siplace Tape Feeder 8mm Siemens X Series 28mm Feeder Siemens X Series 12mm Feeder Siemens X Series Feeder 16mm Siemens X Series Feeder 24mm Siemens X Series Feeder 32mm Siemens X Series Feeder 44mm Siemens X Series Feeder 56mm 

SMT Feeder Cart

Yamaha SMT Feeder Cart Siemens SMT Feeder Carts Samsung SMT Feeder Carts Fuji NXT SMT Feeder Carts Juki SMT Feeder Carts Panasonic SMT Feeder Carts I-Pulse SMT Feeder Cart Philips SMT Feeder Cart Sony 2 Layer SMT Feeder Cart 

Solder Preform Feeder

Automatic Solder Preform Feeder 

SMT Nozzle

Panasonic Nozzle

High Quality Panasonic 110S Nozzle Durable Panasonic 110 Nozzle Precise KME 115 Nozzle High Quality KME 120S Nozzle 130 Nozzle Unit for Panasonic KME 130S Panasonic KME Nozzle Quality Panasonic 140 Nozzle Precision mount 140S Nozzle for Panasonic 240C Nozzle for Panasonic KME 185 Nozzle for Panasonic Machine 1002 Nozzle for KME Machine Best buy KME 1003 Nozzle Durable Panasonic 1004 Nozzle Panasonic KXFX037WA00 1005 Nozzle Durable Panasonic 1006 Nozzle Unit 225C Nozzle for Panasonic KME 

SMT Nozzle Filter

Nozzle filter for NPM machine Nozzle filter for Panasert MVII chip mounter Nozzle filter for MVII Panasert machine Nozzle filter for Panasert MPA Nozzle filter for Panasert MSR mounter Nozzle filter for Panasert MSF machine Head filter for Panasert MSF machine Head filter for Panasert MSF by Panasonic Nozzle filter for Panasonic HT121 and BM machine Metal filter for Panasonic CM402 machine Soft head filter for Panasert MVII MK Hard head filter for Panasert MVII MK Nozzle filter for 3 Head Panasonic NPM machine 8 Head Panasonic NPM filter 12 Head Panasonic NPM Nozzle Fiilter Filter for Panasonic CM402 machine Metal filter for Panasonic NPM machine Nozzle filter for 16 Head Panasonic NPM Nozzle filter for Samsung CP45 machine Nozzle filter for Samsung CP40 machine 

Universal Nozzle

Universal 08MPF Flexhead Nozzle Universal 10MPF Flexhead Nozzle Universal GSM 120F Nozzle Universal GSM 160F Nozzle Universal 603 Lightning Nozzle Assy Universal Instrument 1220 Nozzle Unversal Instrument 1140 Nozzle Universal 1206 Lightning Nozzle Assy 

Samsung Nozzle

Samsung SM CN040 Nozzle Unit Samsung SM CN065 Nozzle Unit Samsung SM CN030 Nozzle Unit Samsung SM CN149 Nozzle Unit Samsung SM CN220 Nozzle Unit 

Printer Spare Parts

DEK Spare Part

DEK Printer Metal blade squeegee 8inch * 200mm DEK printer blade squeegee DEK Printer 10inch * 250mm blade squeegee 12inch * 300mm DEK printer blade squeegee 18inch * 350mm DEK Printer Blade Squeegee 510mm squeegee holder for SQA308 510mm squeegee holder for Icon i8 510mm squeegee holder for MPM Momentum 510mm squeegee holder for SP70 DEK BOM Cable Crimped Rail board clamps for DEK printer DEK solder paste printer cleaning rubber gas spring for DEK printer 350mm rubber squeegee assy for DEK printer DEK 300mm Alcohol Spray Unit DEK Printer Magnetic Support Pin DEK Printer Camera Plug Bracket DEK Printer Camera X Motor 20 inches DEK Printer CAMERA X MOTOR AT/20'/ DEK Solder Printer CAMERA Y MOTOR 

Panasonic Printer Spare Parts

220mm SP80 Squeegee Holder with Blade SP60 Squeegee Holder with Blade 480mm SP18 Squeegee Holder with Blade 

SMT Equipment

PCB Loader And Unloader

Automatic Sucking Loader Machine Assy Automatic PCB Cleaning Machine Smart Type Automatic Loader and Unloader Automatic Vacuum Loader and Unloader On-line PCB Cleaning Machine Conveyor NG OK Buffer Smart Type Multi-Function PCB Buffer Machine Multi Functional Buffer Conveyor Automatic Unloader (Dual Track) Unloader NG OK Conveyor Automatic Unloader (Dual Rail for NG / OK) 

Conveyor Link

Smart Type Conveyor Assy Automatic PCB Translational SMT Conveyor Automatic PCB Inverting SMT Conveyor Automatic PCB Aisle SMT Conveyor SMT Automatic PCB Inverter Machine 

Clean Machine

Exceptional SMT Fixture Cleaning Machine Innovative Design PCBA Cleaning Machine Pneumatic Stencil Cleaning Machine Aqueous Stencil Cleaning Machine Automatic SMT Nozzle Cleaner Machine Industrial Use Ultrasonic Cleaner PCB Automatic Cleaning Machine 

Tape Dispenser

Automatic Tape Cutting Machine Automatic Tape Cutter Machine Auto Volt Automatic Ahesive Tape Cutter 110V-220V Automatic Electric Tape Cutter 110V-220V Auto Tape Dispenser machine Electric Tape Adhesive Dispenser Machine Auto Tape Dispenser Equipment Reliable Tape Dispensing Equipment 110V-220V Accurate Adhesive Tape Cutter Machine Reliable 110V-220V Auto Tape Cutter Durable Auto Tape Dispenser Machine Durable Tape Adhesive Dispenser Machine Accurate Tape Dispensing Machine Accurate Tape Dispenser Zcut-120 Reliable Tape Dispenser Machine Automatic Waste Tape Cutting Machine 

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